Duke Orsino- Jeffrey James Lippold

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Duke Orsino- Jeffrey James Lippold
Karissa Vacker-Cesario/Viola

The Love sick Duke Orsino(Jeffrey James Lippold) receiving comfort from the young Cesario while Viola(Karissa Vacker)disguising her true feelings. A fantastic Ensemble cast coordinated by the ever so Talented Director Thomas Bradac

REVIEWS of Jeffrey James Lippold as Duke Orsino in Orange County Shakespeare’s, Twelfth Night.

“Duke Orsino (Jeffrey James Lippold) is the very picture and persona of a swashbuckling Errol Flynn,” -BroadwayWorld.com (July 30,1013)

“Jeffrey James Lippold walks on stage as tall, dark and handsome looking, like he just came from a historical romance novel photo shoot with his white shirt unbuttoned, but Costa (Olivia) wants nothing to do with him. Costa’s Olivia must be blind” -Melissa Crimson, PlayShakespeare.com (July 27,2013)

“Lippold’s Orsino adds comedic touches that enhance his leading-man stature.” -Peter A. Balaskas, LASplash.com (July 21,2013)

Jeffrey James Lippold Biography


Born in Fort Dix, NJ, USA.  The youngest of 4.  At the age of 6, he

showed signs of athletic prowess. While playing football in Fort Sill, Oklahoma,

he made the local papers and helped his team win a state

championship. However, moving out of the continental US, American

football was out of his future. He began studying Judo/Ju-Jutsu, in

Hawaii and Japan. Continuing Martial arts in San Diego, he found

himself an Aamka-jutsu Black Belt, Full-Contact Karate & Sambo

Champion, as well as AAU USA Wrestling Competitor.

He has recently set a Martial Arts Guinness World Record(2013), which will be

televised on TrueTV in NOV. 2013.

After high school, he did a stint as a Naval Reconnaissance Corpsman,

earning the respected name of “Doc” from his fellow Marines and Sailors.

After his Military service, he attended several colleges and found himself passionate

about the world of theater, as an outlet for his vivid imagination.

With a deep heated desire to be a dramatic lead actor, he began focusing on

Shakespeare and dramatic roles, winning a best actor award for a very passionate,

and unique take on Hamlet, as well as critical acclaim for lead roles in MacBeth,

Picnic, Romeo & Juliet, and Dracula. Wanting to step out of the box, and take on

more avant-garde roles, he took on the daring stage role of Jonathan Schmitz as

the Jenny Jones show homophobic Murderer,  in “Sleeping with Straight Men.”

Jeffrey took on a real approach to the character, leaving a multidimensional

character that you felt for.  The more dimensional the role, the greater  this  actor

Shines!  His first lead role in film, was the huge underdog film (with a shoestring budget)

called,  Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf,

which received dramatically mixed reviews,

yet the winner of 9 International Film Festival Awards!! as well as distribution in

nearly every country and language.

Since this film, he has landed several supporting roles.

Upcoming roles include two sketch Comedy roles, one in the Youtube Series,

Tubbin with Tash, starring Comedian Natasha Leggero and

the second Ben Stiller’s new production on IFC, The Birthday Boys, 

as well as 300:Rise of an Empire, and  Superhero role “The Crusher”

in Disney’s new tv series Mighty Med.

He has the Dramatic Looks, the Acting Chops, and the Martial Arts/Action Ability,

Do we foresee another lead action role, or Superhero Role in the near future?

We sure hope so!